We've already organized a few events. If you are interested in our future events - we encourage to take a look at our schedule on EVENTS
The registration isn’t required although we would strongly recommend it.
Anyway, you’re invited as hell! ;)
But if you want to exhibit your company, unfortunately you won’t avoid some paper work.
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innovative CAREER fairs

Meetnight is a cutting-edge job fairs project, which will let some fresh air into Polish IT industry.
Intimate relation building platform between employers and employees!

Together we’d like to destroy the walls between employers and employees, corporations and startups or career and fun. Not enough? Ok, honestly, we want to destroy the wall between day and night too. In our space you could spend some time with your future friends. You can ask them about work, of course. Or you could just lie on comfortable bean bag and check how your future boss deals with console game. Are you sick of stalls, leaflets and suits? Just come and find out how we’ll do it!
If you want - as a participant or a company - take part in Meetnight, just go down to the REGISTER page.


Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! We're users of most social media sites, so it'll be probably the easiest and fastest way to catch us. Just use one of the icons right below! But if you prefer more official way, of course you can send us an email!
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